3 Steps to Planning Your Outside Summer Kitchen.

If you're like most Maryland citizens, you likely fire up your barbecue fairly often during summertime. Whether grilling is the fire or only a fast way to generate a tasty meal for your large family and guests, then you can probably use a little extra room, right? The grill offers minimal storage and limited counter space, which likely makes you run back and forth between your deck and the kitchen a number of times throughout.

Choose the Budget and Location

Space and budget will be the crucial aspects which will impact the design and characteristics of your kitchen. In case the area is restricted, you'll need to scale down a little and decide on a design that brings all of the components close together. An outdoor kitchen adjoining to your house is a safe selection for smaller yards.
In case you've got a deck, a patio, a gazebo or any other outside entertainment area, you might most likely need to establish your grilling station near by, so people can quickly transition between different locations and you do not wind up cooking in isolation.
In case the space isn't a concern however, the funding is tight, we urge our customers leave the space for improvements. You do not need to pour all of the money at once in this undertaking. Begin with the great base and create it as you conserve up. By way of instance, if you can not afford all of the appliances that you need at this time, leave a space for them in your layout and purchase them afterwards.

Determine the Critical Capabilities

Consider why you are interested in to have an outdoor kitchen, the way you're going to use it and what will make it suitable for you. Here are a Few of the features to think about:
1.An Integrated sink and a dishwasher can make it easier to wash up
2.A pub island Is Ideal for parties
3.Another dining table can accommodate a lot of guests
4.A color Is Essential if the cooking/dining place is at a sunny place
5.A mini-fridge can help you keep cold beverages, condiments and additional food accessible
In case you have more than 1 cook in your loved ones, you may need at least two cooking channels to create unique meals at precisely the exact same moment.
And, clearly, you need to decide on the ideal grill for the cooking requirements. Your choice will be dependent on just how much, how frequently and what you cook on the grill.

Opt for the materials

Be cautious of what your own outdoor kitchen might need to endure each year.
Natural stone and stainless steel provide durability and strength you're searching for. In any case, encompassing a hot grill or toaster with trendy rock is preferable to using sterile wood.
Does this seem like a lot to consider? Well, it's! Your outside kitchen is a critical undertaking which takes a comprehensive preparation and expert. Including a complete kitchen or possibly a little grilling area won't just expand your living area, but will surely increase the value of your house. We have planned and constructed outdoor kitchens for everybody from a summertime BBQ enthusiast into a chef.

Former Editor of Residence magazine Hanna Nova Beatrice curated Ted Space, a contemporary art gallery in a beautiful Stockholm apartment. Styled by the ever so creative Kråkvik & D’Orazio studio, Alessandro D’Orazio and Jannicke Kråkvik. The selection of pieces were a combination of art pieces, furniture, lighting sculpture and objecst by Frama, A.part, Lotta Agaton, Matti Carlson, Folkform, Jenny Nordberg and many more. A breathtaking exhibition and sanctuary from the craziness that is Stockholm design week. All Photography/images © Hannah Trickett

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*tl:dr, Opinion piece. Sorry to Stockholmassan and the Stockholm Furniture fair, I do love you, but. It all started out so optimistic didn’t it? 2020 was going to be an awesome year. To kick off the year Stockholm design week. Who knew what would happen next? A damn global pandemic. Then as we knew it 2020 got cancelled. Nevertheless, the design world did get to enjoy Stockholm Design Week in a normal sense. As I think back, I’ve been in a constant state of brain fog as soon as the lockdown began in March 2020 (here in Denmark). I’m sure I’m not alone with this.Just as I was about to write about the fantastic and inspiring week I had in Stockholm, the virus took centre stage over all news networks and media. Writing about a trade fair seemed quite irrelevant at the beginning of all this. The cost of one’s health or even a life not to mention a catastrophic global financial crisis made the idea of selling luxury interiors to be a little crass to say the least. If anything it halted my innate response to share what I love sharing until it felt more like a reasonable time. […]

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Archives exhibition during Stockholm design week 2020

The Archives exhibition at Stockholm’s National Archive gallery during Stockholm design week 2020. Curated by Hanna Nova Beatrice (who was very busy that year curating multiple spaces) and styled by Annaleena Leino. This exhibition brought four brands together from Denmark and Japan, Le Klint, Friends and Founders, Ariake and 2016/ Arita. ‘The Old National Archive in Stockholm, by architect Axel Fredrik Nyström, was built in 1890 and is one of the first purpose built archive buildings in Europe’ – via Le Klint A dramatic exhibition with cohesive elements of detail, craftsmanship, simplicity and longevity. These are some of the main factors I look for in design. The archives exhibition brought this focus to an exquisite level. All Photography/images © Hannah Trickett

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Inspired by nature | Georg Jensen Christmas Collection 2020

AD – paid in collaboration with Georg Jensen for their stunning Christmas Collection 2020 by Sanne Lund Traberg Georg Jensen’s annual Christmas decorations have retuned. For this year’s Christmas collection Designer Sanna Lund Traberg references Georg Jensen’s historical work and style of the Art Nouveau period. This was combined with observing frozen nature in her wintry nordic garden and the works of early 20th century photographer Karl Blossfeldt. And while I haven’t quite got into the Christmas spirit decorating my home I spent this time looking into the details of these pieces. I was instantly drawn to the floral type pieces. Individually photographing them as a study. Which I later discovered is the style of photographer Karl Blossfeldt. To my surprise, I discovered in my Georg Jensen coffee table book. His work, studying nature while capturing light and shadow is pretty inspiring to me. For me the Georg Jensen Christmas collections are much more than decoration. I find the story and the inspiration quite enriching. From my own relationship with the Christmas collectibles over the years, these always hold a special place in my heart. Again, as I’m not so much in the...

Oh how Instragam can connect you with the most wonderful people. I became instagram friends with Hannah Blackall-Smith while bonding over being expats in Denmark. Where to go in Copenhagen, some cool ceramics we both admired etc. I’ve always been drawn to pottery since my uni years. Finding someone in Copenhagen that was doing it professionally and a Brit, I just knew I had to meet. Essentially after seeing pictures of Hannah’s work, Blacksmith ceramics, I just knew that I needed to see them in real life. And at a ‘Keramik Market’ we finally met! Hannah’s work is tactile, honest, rustic and simple. There are hints of traditional pottery design with her own signature style. An expression of form and process. Often using the ‘combing’ or ‘fluting’ process in creating texture on the exterior of her pots. This has almost become Hannah’s signature style, that and the rustic quality of smoke firing in select pieces. This combination of modern, tradition, tactile forms make her work instantly inviting. Hannah is a functionalist potter, all of her pieces have a purpose, there’s beauty in that. Blacksmith ceramics, a little background Firstly becoming a potter is no easy feat and not...

It's all in the details. New additions to the Bernadotte collection for Georg Jensen

ad – in collaboration with Georg Jensen for the Bernadotte collection. Autumn 2020 sees new additions to the Bernadotte collection for Georg Jensen. A contemporary series inspired by the work of the Swedish designer, Sigvard Bernadotte (1907- 2002).From the very beginning of Bernadotte’s collaboration with Georg Jensen the designs were representative of their time. This collection beautifully captures the soft curves and femininity of the Art Deco period together with the straight lines and functionality of early Scandinavian Functionalism. Georg Jensen Press release – “The new additions include a stainless steel pitcher, which mirrors the collection’s existing thermal jug, as well as an elegant paper-towel holder. Available in two sizes. Infusing a striking new material combination into the line. Three of the new products combine stainless steel with a dark, smoked oak, creating a strong and sophisticated contrast. These dynamic new pieces include a lacquered oak serving tray with steel handles; a serving bowl set with three, small steel vessels presented on a wooden tray; and salad servers with intricately grooved, wooden handles that reinforce Georg Jensen’s unparalleled...

watching from the sidelines

disclaimer; a long blog post that I started long ago. A result from over analysing social media, confusion, frustration and venting. enjoy! I don’t know about you but over the past year or two I’ve been finding the noise of social media all too much. It feels CONSTANT and somewhat repetitive, narcissistic, fake yet weirdly it holds a presence in our lives. I realise that I may have slammed the industry I work in but you must admit that the volume is at an all time high. It can be overwhelming, bad for our mental health, influence for bad and not good and silence voices that may not seem to be topical, trendy or beautiful. The question is, how and when do we realise that we need to change in our relationship with social media? Especially when you have developed a toxic codependency relationship with an app. Codependent because the app needs you as a customer (or you as ‘their product’) and you ‘need’ the app for business or simply interacting with friends. My business is mostly online and social media is a huge part of that so responsibility comes from whatever I put out. It’s also extremely easy for […]

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ad – the Terra collection is a paid collaboration with Georg Jensen. Craftsmanship and design I truly love Norwegian architecture and firm Snøhetta have collaborated with Georg Jensen delivering chic green living to the brand. Perfect for the modern gardener. The nine piece collection made from stainless steel and terracotta are designed to be used inside and out. The Terra collection has that visibly soft aesthetic, organic with an industrial edge. Inspired organic forms found in nature, the undulating waves and reflective flow of water. With subtle forms that are wider base for beauty but more importantly are functionally designed to give space for the roots. It’s a subtle detail but one I love, it gives a sense of harmony with nature. The idea behind the collection was to create a world of plants, derived from the logic of nature. The planters are deliberately inverted, giving the plant the opportunity to take root the same way that it does in nature.– Snøhetta The small stainless steel plant pot are reversible, ideal for herbs. With the most beautifully design saucer. The sculptural forms within this range make each piece a beauty of their own. Incredibly designed and...

*ad | in partnership with nest.co.uk The summer light is fading, and quickly may I add. The growing shadows in my home only highlight how important lighting is. When we moved into this house in Denmark it had no lights. Well, only those for the kitchen and bathroom. All other ceilings and walls were blank, no ceiling roses, just a few strange squares in the wall (I’ll tell you about that later). Apparently this is common in Denmark. You add lighting in the rooms to suit your needs. I like that idea. It’s personal, makes sense thinking back to the London town house I lived in with 24 spot lights in one room (beam me up scotty!). Though it has become quite a task to get this house feeling hyggelig and keeping a contemporary style. The Scandinavian obsession over lighting is soulful and practical. It harmonises with the seasonal changes. In Denmark during the winter there would be as little as 7 hours of daylight per day.Which emphasises how important it is to get the lighting right in your home. And moving into a house with no lights really makes the point. Two years ago I worked with nest.co.uk in […]

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Botanical Gardens Copenhagen

Stepping in to Copenhagen’s Botanical gardens. A treasure in the centre of the city. A place of tranquility so very close to the bustling area surrounding Nørreport station. While entering the gardens the noise is silenced and grey streets turn into luscious greenery where wildlife quietly inhabit’s the lake and surrounding land. Over looking the 10 hectares of space sits the ‘Palm house’ dates back to 1874, filled with beautiful palms and botanical delights. It’s the largest Botanical garden in Denmark and in truth it’s a small Kew Gardens (London) but no less impressive. A place to visit to escape the shopping streets and enjoy lustrous nature while admiring the architecture of the glass house and the large variety of greenery it houses. Address ; Gothersgade 128, 1123 Copenhagen

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Yonobi pottery classes Copenhagen

ad – in collaboration with Yonobi who have kindly gifted me the wheel throwing course Having three wheel throwing sessions under my belt at Yonobi studios, I can quite confidently say that I love this process of pottery. Make no mistake I am well aware that I am an absolute beginner at wheel throwing. I know from past pottery experience and short creative courses, that learning new techniques and skills can give you burst of excitement and optimism to continue the craft after the course. Even in some cases an optimistic and maybe false confidence that you can now set up your own business straight away. This is all very nice and well it shows a successful course introducing and encouraging people to the craft (of any creative course). But this is just that, excitement and buzz. To be any successful crafts person/ maker or design does take years of hard work. But guess what?! I want to continue to use the wheel, I want to learn more and master my craft. So I’m in that phase of the course. I get it. But the dream and ambition isn’t a bad thing, it’s sweet, it shows a love for the […]

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Building an outdoor kitchen may be designed and constructed out of many different materials, such as wood, concrete, or stainless steel. In order to make the most out of your outdoor space and kitchen investment, it is important to be mindful of the material that you choose. Depending on geography, the material should be able […]

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The interest in revamping outdoor living spaces has undoubtedly been on the rise in recent years. As outdoor kitchens and outdoor living areas increase in popularity, it is important to understand the benefits of including an outdoor kitchen in your space, which range from financial returns to social advantages. By outlining some of these outdoor […]

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Outdoor grill hoods are not required in completely open outdoor cooking areas, but they are necessary for airflow and ventilation in any indoor-to-outdoor or covered cooking space. While Danver does not manufacture outdoor grill hoods, this article discusses the benefits of including one in your indoor-to-outdoor kitchen design. Benefits of a Grill Hood  Safety, longevity, […]

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As you consider investing in a Danver Stainless Outdoor Kitchen or another brand for your outdoor living space, you may be thinking “I can do this myself.”  After all, in the age of YouTube instructions – it should be a breeze. Think again.  Even in the simplest of projects, you must consider factors such as […]

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Regardless of climate, every geographical location has natural elements that should be considered when choosing the location and layout of an outdoor kitchen. From extreme heat to snow, seawater, wind, and everything in between, these elements play a major factor in deciding the material, layout, and location of your outdoor kitchen cabinetry. Weatherproofing, coverings, and […]

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In today’s multifamily housing environment, it is often the amenities that attract residents. Among the most popular amenities are outdoor entertaining spaces that are available in different locations, such as rooftops, courtyards, and swimming pools. Most of these spaces include outdoor kitchens – often just grills and prep areas, but sometimes they include other appliances […]

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Are U shaped outdoor kitchens designs the right layout for your outdoor space? Use this guide to help you decide! An important consideration when designing your Danver Stainless Outdoor Kitchen is the shape of the layout. Depending on the size of the outdoor living space and the goals that you have for the area, different […]

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Nowadays, bringing the “indoors out” is about more than just an outdoor kitchen. It’s about designing an outdoor living experience that is centered around cooking and entertaining. When creating your outdoor space, the possibilities are numerous, with options to include outdoor living rooms, kitchen islands, or design a kitchen in many different spaces – on […]

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With the desire for outdoor living spaces on the rise, homeowners and professionals alike are looking for new and interesting ways to revamp their outdoor spaces. While an outdoor kitchen is a great first addition, creating an outdoor living experience is about incorporating a variety of features like seating areas, outdoor fireplaces, and pools to […]

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When you make the decision to invest in an outdoor kitchen, it is important to get the best value you can. You can control this by selecting durable materials, an efficient layout, and functional outdoor kitchen appliances and amenities for your cooking style and space. As a pioneer of stainless steel outdoor kitchens, the experts […]

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