3 Steps to Planning Your Outside Summer Kitchen.

If you're like most Maryland citizens, you likely fire up your barbecue fairly often during summertime. Whether grilling is the fire or only a fast way to generate a tasty meal for your large family and guests, then you can probably use a little extra room, right? The grill offers minimal storage and limited counter space, which likely makes you run back and forth between your deck and the kitchen a number of times throughout.

Choose the Budget and Location

Space and budget will be the crucial aspects which will impact the design and characteristics of your kitchen. In case the area is restricted, you'll need to scale down a little and decide on a design that brings all of the components close together. An outdoor kitchen adjoining to your house is a safe selection for smaller yards.
In case you've got a deck, a patio, a gazebo or any other outside entertainment area, you might most likely need to establish your grilling station near by, so people can quickly transition between different locations and you do not wind up cooking in isolation.
In case the space isn't a concern however, the funding is tight, we urge our customers leave the space for improvements. You do not need to pour all of the money at once in this undertaking. Begin with the great base and create it as you conserve up. By way of instance, if you can not afford all of the appliances that you need at this time, leave a space for them in your layout and purchase them afterwards.

Determine the Critical Capabilities

Consider why you are interested in to have an outdoor kitchen, the way you're going to use it and what will make it suitable for you. Here are a Few of the features to think about:
1.An Integrated sink and a dishwasher can make it easier to wash up
2.A pub island Is Ideal for parties
3.Another dining table can accommodate a lot of guests
4.A color Is Essential if the cooking/dining place is at a sunny place
5.A mini-fridge can help you keep cold beverages, condiments and additional food accessible
In case you have more than 1 cook in your loved ones, you may need at least two cooking channels to create unique meals at precisely the exact same moment.
And, clearly, you need to decide on the ideal grill for the cooking requirements. Your choice will be dependent on just how much, how frequently and what you cook on the grill.

Opt for the materials

Be cautious of what your own outdoor kitchen might need to endure each year.
Natural stone and stainless steel provide durability and strength you're searching for. In any case, encompassing a hot grill or toaster with trendy rock is preferable to using sterile wood.
Does this seem like a lot to consider? Well, it's! Your outside kitchen is a critical undertaking which takes a comprehensive preparation and expert. Including a complete kitchen or possibly a little grilling area won't just expand your living area, but will surely increase the value of your house. We have planned and constructed outdoor kitchens for everybody from a summertime BBQ enthusiast into a chef.

Synonymous with style, quality and innovation, Schumacher keeps its heritage fresh. Benjamin Frowein the President of Schumacher and CEO of Schumacher Europe tells all. Why the UK?   The question should really be: “Why did it take Schumacher 132 years to make this step!” The UK celebrates the home and the power of decorating. Also, people understand how fine fabrics and wallcoverings can transform spaces and lives. We should have done this exciting expansion many years ago. Joy starts at Schumacher. People can expect an unwavering passion for beauty, monthly collections always on the pulse of the zeitgeist and a fresh take on design while honouring our rich history. I still find it mind boggling that we’re owned by the same family that started Schumacher in 1889.  After all, how many companies can say that?  It’s so reassuring to have some constants in life. The Schumacher wayWe are very proud to offer a fully integrated online-offline experience for our clients – this will make shopping not only fun but also a really easy experience for our clients. We believe we have one of the best websites in the industry. We have over 5.000 installation pictures to visualize how one can...

Guy Oliver has worked as a designer for over 20 years. His practice is known to have a balance between private residences, yachts and aircraft and niche luxury hotel projects. Guy has gained a reputation for his unique style combined with an unusual level of creativity backed by a solid understanding and knowledge of diverse periods and artisanal techniques. How did your interest in craft begin? My mother had an antiques business and my parents were both avid collectors and as a result I started collecting at an early age. They taught me to appreciate how things are made, how they feel and weigh and about attention to detail. From a very early age, I came into contact with furniture makers and restorers, polishers and engravers, artists, silversmiths and glass makers and in turn they taught me that looking behind or underneath an object is as important as looking at it and will reveal its ‘character’,  a maker’s mark, an inventory stamp, the patina of age and the quality of the workmanship. How do you select craftsmen and commission works for your projects? Over the years, you build up a network. In my adult life, I studied with artisan makers […]


I’ve known Daniel Malarkey for a few years and have really enjoyed getting to learn and watch as his business has grown. I also know that in the USA, most interior designers will use an art consultant or their client will have one that they have an established relationship with. Here in the UK, that’s starting to happen more and more and I wanted to really understand the value that an art consultant adds, so I spoke to Daniel and agreed to this interview. As you’ll be able to see through Daniels very open and honest responses to my questions below, he’s given us everything we need to know about what he does, and some incredible insight into his world. So count yourself lucky to be able to see this. I am very grateful to Daniel for sharing this with me – and of course you. Why use an art consultant. What value do you get and what is the difference between the UK and US market in how people use art consultants? Value – a trained eye who has a knowledge of art history as well as a pulse on the market. Markets will always move up and down. […]

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A partnership between Elle Decoration UK and Londonewcastle’s residential development, Chapter House takes the form of a true celebration of modern British Design.  Editor Ben Spriggs explains that he’s often asked about modern British Design, what it is and what it represents. Through this partnership, they were able to bring his answers to life. The magazine champions British talent which is so valued around the world, and this concept is great. Those of you who have followed me for years will know that I was involved in a very large showcase of Design a few years ago. I remember seeing the visitors faces and how they interacted with the different rooms and designers. Design can often be so inaccessible and projects like this help others understand what design can achieve.  Property buyers are so very savvy nowadays and want to buy into a lifestyle. What these partners have delivered is a lifestyle that champions Design. It’s something that I often see across the channel in Paris. Design is very much a lifestyle and their homes are so carefully curated as expressions of themselves. I love that we’re seeing a magazine like Elle Decoration show this! Moreover, it’s the...

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Social media vs a blog, who wins in the end? Personally I think it’s the blog that wins. Readers on interiorstylehunter.com have exploded over the last year and in January, we saw 40,000 readers on this blog, this has been a consistent increase over the last year. Consistently read are the Interviews, Design Rules and Luxury Brand features. I’ve been planning an update to Interior Style Hunter and after a few delays along the way, we’re ready to go.  We have an incredible network of Interior Designers, Architects, suppliers, makers and much more. On Interior Style Hunter we want to continue to build a beautiful publication, nothing disruptive or too out there, but a place for our community to head to for inspiration and lots of beautiful imagery.  What we have learned over the years is that a showcase of imagery isn’t enough, Pinterest (where we regularly get 1 million monthly views) and Instagram do that well enough, so we want to share the skills of our network and contacts. Some of our most popular posts are educational posts, talking about aspects of the design process or simply, where to find inspiration or some really great design products.  I want […]

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I would like to say a huge thank you to all the interior designers and brands who have participated in A Well Designed Christmas Giveaway. Do have a look through the wonderful prizes and enter the give-away by completing the form with your Name, Surname and Email address. Winners will be drawn at random and each winner will win 1 prize. The competition is open to those over 18 years old and resident in the United Kingdom. EXCEPT for the gift by Sue Bond, which is only for residents of South Africa. We will announce the winners on Monday 7th December. VISIT instagram.com/grantpierrus for winner announcements. Loading… Prizes to be Won Terms and Conditions NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. A PURCHASE DOES NOT IMPROVE YOUR CHANCES OF WINNING.  1.  Promotion Description: The ‘A Well Designed Christmas 2020’ (“Sweepstakes”) begins on 12/01/2020 at 05:00 PM (London) and ends on 12/06/2020 at 11:00 PM (London) (the “Promotion Period”). By participating in the Sweepstakes, each entrant unconditionally accepts and agrees to comply with and abide by these Official Rules and the decisions of Pierrus Ltd (“Sponsor”), which shall be final and binding in all respects. Sponsor is...

In this episode, we welcome Alexandria Dauley and Sophie Ashby, Founders of United In Design.  We talk about the social changes that have happened across the globe this year and how the United In Design charity is going to address issues around diversity in the interior design sector.  Key Points From This Episode Introduction to both, Alexandria and Sophie, Founders of United In Design. [0:00:17]  United In Design takes action in the interiors sector.  [0:01:54]  What is United In Design all about? [0:07:19] How did you both start working together? [0:16:40] What is it that you are asking people to do and what is your hope for this charity? [0:20:01] What are the seven pledges? [0:24:20] All this and more inside today’s episode! So make sure to tune in to hear it all. Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode: Website – United In Design Instagram – United In Design

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The Virtual Design Fair is a new way to discover and connect with suppliers to the interior design and architectural sector. From furniture, fabrics, fixtures, fittings, makers, craftsmen and a lot more. You’ll find them at the Virtual Design Fair. We have launched with incredible support from the industry with brands like, Cameron Design House, Andrew Martin, Robert Langford, Amara, De le Cuona, Tom Dixon and SO MUCH MORE! You can explore each brand further in our Story section. Each weekday we go live on Instagram with a brand too, discussing their stories, sharing their images and videos and often including a workshop tour. Follow us on Instagram to explore the saved IGTV’s. In addition, we have a group of Interior Designers who support the fair and share their ideas and thoughts with us, you can find them listed here. While blogging for my Interior Style Hunter blog and running my marketing agency, Pierrus Agency. I have visited, participated and presented my clients at design, architecture and art fairs around the globe. In addition to this I was also involved in launching Holiday House London, the first UK interior design showhouse. “The challenge with attending all these...

Located in St.James’s Park, No.6 Buckingham Gate is over 15,000 square feet of real estate, arranged across seven floors, bordering Buckingham Palace. It is the grand proportions & impressive design of this Victorian townhouse that highlight’s the property’s true remarkability. The home is a perfect balance of elegant, bright & intricate design that embodies luxury living.  This 19th century Grade II listed building has been meticulously restored & redesigned by Direct Painting Group, creating a beautifully transformed property with modernism at its core.  History :  The grounds of No.6 Buckingham Gate were once occupied by the Jacobean mansion, Tart Hall. In 1663, Tart Hall was purchased by the Earl of Arundel & by the mid-19th century, a newly laid road ‘Buckingham Gate’ first appeared, from which the home naturally adopted its name.  In 2018, TAI United Holdings Ltd, a globally recognized investment holding company acquired the property. TAI United intended to reinvent the home, simultaneously drawing from its undeniable history & character. Design :  From the newly polished & paneled doors to the distinguished façade of No.6 Buckingham Gate, this timeless property has been...

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In this episode two leaders in the design sector, Karen Howes and Jonathan Holmes join me to discuss their latest creative campaigns to support small makers, craftsmen, artisans and suppliers to the design sector.  Taylor Howes and LuxDeco have stepped up to the plate and used their influence and leverage to create some positivity during the Covid-19 pandemic. Listen to the podcast to find out more and how you can get involved.  To find out more about their campaigns visit the links below: LuxDeco – Think Big Shop Small Taylor Howes – Keep Creativity Going and Rest Nest (video below) Rest Nest, Taylor Howes Re-design NHS Nurses Rest Room from Taylor Howes on Vimeo.

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Building a stronger and better connected interior design community is one of the main drivers of what both I and my businesses are set up to do. I’ve always believed that together we’re able to support and work through challenges so much better than doing it on our own in isolation. Perhaps this stems from growing up in South Africa during such turbulent times where Nelson Mandela taught us that working together means we share the burden, stress and anxiety and we’re able to solve problems. The Interior Design Sector is almost entirely made up of small businesses, according to various newspaper, tv and press reports, small businesses and small business owners are going to be affected the most. I want to help where I can and for those of you who aren’t yet part of our Facebook group, you need to join us now. There are hundreds of interior designers and suppliers who are in the group and everyday helping each other out with various challenges. There are significant challenges that we are facing as business owners that we have not seen before, and as a small business owner myself, I understand how challenging it can be to have […]

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I’ve written about online interior design services before, a few years ago there were a few tech startups that tried to get into the online design market but seemed to have changed tactics. One of them started as an affordable service for homeowners but I see has now pivoted their service and targeting landlords, Airbnb and property developers.  Personally, I think that online design is only just starting, it’s just that the current offerings don’t really work for the audience. These services are currently very cheap – under £200 a room and in some cases, just £75 for a room design. While I do understand that there are some very talented interior designers working for these companies, but at these rates they don’t have enough time to connect with a client, understand and interpret a brief and set about designing and sourcing.  What is the offer, who is the client? The design process is time consuming, there is a lot of communication, understanding and thought that goes into designing a space that truly works for the client. It’s only by going through this process that the client is going to feel that they have received value. And this makes me […]

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Photography by Beth Crockatt Welcome to the second season of the Interior Style Hunter Podcast, hosted by Grant Pierrus.  In this eighth episode, we welcome Nick Shute and Stefan Dodds, Co-founders of Dodds & Shute.  We uncover some fascinating insights into Dodds & Shute and their approach to disrupting the design sector through sustainable procurement. Key Points From This Episode Introduce yourselves and tell us more about your business [0:00:01]  The progression of sustainable procurement through the design sector and the influence Dodd & Shute have in the market. [0:03:36] What is it that Dodd & Shute do, what service do you offer? [0:05:07]   Getting the function, design and sustainability element to work in a project, is a challenge – how do we solve the problem?  [0:07:36]  What are furniture companies actually doing to change their sustainable credentials? . [0:9:23]  Where does the responsibility lie – producer, designer/architects/consumer – and how to get all parties to stand up. [0:13:11]  Where do Dodds & Shute get their best ideas? [0:24:00]  What is the biggest challenge faced through building your business  [0:25:31]  All this and more inside today’s episode!...

Following the success of last years designer dinner hosted by Life Kitchens and Interior Style Hunter, there was no doubt that we would host again this year. The table grew in size and I think we almost maxed out the space available in the award-winning showroom.  Life Kitchens throw the best events with delicious food and drinks, but more importantly, a welcoming atmosphere which means that all my guests are able to connect and network. We don’t often get time to do this within the sector, so it was really important that the guest list was really mixed up between established firms and some new up and coming designers and teams. This worked so well and feedback has been so great.  While I was in Highpoint earlier this year at a Luxe magazine dinner, they played a little game where everyone had to introduce the person on their right. I took a chance and repeated this at this dinner and it was a huge success.  We’ve got lots of fun photographs below for you to have a look at.  Huge thank you to the team at Life Kitchens for hosting this wonderful dinner. I’m sure next year will be bigger […]

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A weekend away in the country usually means checking into a grand old stately home with large reception, and entertainment rooms so that you can be on show all weekend. Today the savvy traveller needs privacy, a sense of home and excellent service. This is packaged up and delivered effortlessly by the team at Thyme.  A village within a village is their strapline. It’s slightly vague, but it becomes quite clear what that means after a visit. Thyme is an old farm that over time has slowly and organically evolved into a country type resort of sorts. I spent some time at Thyme exploring the set up to understand this modern interpretation of a weekend getaway. What I love about this is that there’s enough to do on the farm that you don’t need to leave.  There’s a cookery school, libraries, a spa, outdoor heated pool, choice of two eating places and a gloriously comfortable bar area. Multiple fireplaces dotted around too, so it’s a case of pick your favourite spot, curl up, order tea and relax.  The design is fitting for a farmhouse and very unassuming, which I like too. The bespoke sheep dotted around the property add so much […]

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