• DIY Valentine’s Rice Krispy Heart Pops

DIY Valentine’s Rice Krispy Heart Pops


hesrtpopsI always have these grand ideas for cute Valentine’s day crafts, recipes and DIY’s and then something happens and before I know it, Valentine’s has come and gone and I have straight up missed it.  So this year, I am starting early.  Yesterday Caleb and I made these tasty rice krispy treats (okay, I made them and he stole chocolates and ran with them the entire time) and he is planning on handing them out to all the girl-babies at church. Because he is a ladies man like that.

These only took me roughly 25 minutes and with minimal mess. So here is what you need to make these yourself!

Ingredient List:

Rice Krispy Cereal
12 ounces mini marshmallows
2 tbsp butter
8 ounces melting chocolate
heart shaped cookie cutter
festive sprinkles
cellophane bags
twist ties
to & from labels
cake pop sticks


Heat marshmallows and butter over low in saucepan until melted completely. Pour 4 cups of rice cereal into bowl, and pour over melted marshmallows. Mix through and press out mixture onto wax paper. Flatten with a rolling pin. Cut out heart shapes and push cake pop stick into the bottom while maintaining the shape of the heart. Let those sit and melt chocolate disks in a bowl in the microwave (stir every 30 seconds until melted). Add 1 tbsp olive oil to make dipping and drizzling easier once the chocolate is melting. Now you are ready to decorate! Dip some of the hearts, I did half one some of mine and then used a spoon to drizzle others. Sprinkle festive decor and nonpareils to make them look extra cute. Finally, place in cellophane and twist with a tie and label if you want to give them as gifts! And that is really all! Pretty easy, right?!


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