Takin’ Care of Business

We are on day two of being “snowed in” here.  It certainly is cold outside, so I have been taking the time to catch up on editing, and preparing my welcome packets for new brides of 2014.  I love my new planner, and making the first marks and appointments is so fun. That is a little nerdy, but whatever!  We are staying extra warm in the house….as you can see Bella Louise is a little clingy.  She is not a fan of these negative temperatures and insane wind chills!

I am also in the process of re-designing my website AND this blog.  I am so excited to be planning a much more cohesive brand and a much friendlier user experience for you all. For example, I want to be able to share my photography work, but in a way that doesn’t interfere with the more “personal” side of things over here.  I also am excited to start a series of posts JUST for photographers and creatives which include things like tutorials for beginners (how to use your camera) as well as more specific things like the why’s and how’s of a first look on wedding day.

And since this IS a personal blog, and much of my life revolves around my family I will also be doing a weekly post on Caleb. A lot of bloggers are jumping on board the #52weeks project and documenting something or someone in their lives.  I think its going to be a blast to look back on weekly portraits of Caleb and see how he is growing and changing.

We MAY venture outdoors today… but I also may just stay cozied up in my bedroom, playing with Caleb and preparing for the wonderful wedding season of 2014.  I have my Southern Weddings, Martha Stewart and The Knot magazines to go through for inspiration, lots of warm beverages and my little woofer girl in my lap.  I hope you all are staying warm wherever you are!

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    Stay warm! These days are perfect for getting stuff done! Too bad I’ve yet to change out of my pjs. And I too love the first time I write in a brand new planner. Nerd alert ;)

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    Looks like such a nice, cozy, and productive day! I am excited to follow along for your new series, as I’m trying to learn about photography and maybe even start a little business one day… hopefully :) Love your little portfolios that you are putting together, they are so pretty and make me want to have you take photos of us!

    Also, I am the exact same way when it comes to writing in a brand new planner. it’s just so exciting!!

    and dido Lauren’s question, I have always wondered that :)

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      Hey Hannah! I am so excited for you to read along! and I answered lauren up above but to reiterate– yes, my husband usually takes them but I got a remote for Christmas so I can do it by myself!

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    This is going to sound creepy..but you have such pretty ladylike hands! I tend to notice people’s hands a lot. It is one of my little quirks haha. I am on the lookout for a new planner. There is something so exciting about filling up a planner with all kinds of new adventures and plans.

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      hahaha katie that is hilarious! Now I wish I would have put lotion on them and fixed my manicure! haha I am using a planner from sugar paper for the year, but emily ley and erin condren have great ones too!

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    Your nail varnish is lovely, what brand and colour is it? I love a nice pretty planner, but my life isn’t busy enough to fill one up.

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    LOVE that sweater! I want to redesign my blog too but stuck on who to ask – let me know if you have any good recs! And give little Bella a pat on the head for me :)

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