in the husband’s snow boots on day one of the snow finally starting to come down

Today we woke up to zero degrees and a beautiful blanket of untouched snow.  I love how pretty the snow looks when its undisturbed by stomping snow boots and little paw prints.  And then I love being the one to put on those snow boots and stomp through the drifts. Bella felt otherwise about the snow this morning though– usually she loves running and playing, but with it being a whopping ZERO DEGREES (I am not exaggerating people), after a few steps she stood there visibly shivering and we had to run inside and get her in a warm blanket. She is just too little! 
One the one hand I  love this weather, and Lord knows we need it here in Michigan.  With the water levels being low last year, and no apple crop to speak of we could certainly use the snow so we don’t have the same issues this year.  BUT on the other hand, its forcing me to stay inside and get caught up on laundry, which is boring. 
We are waiting on a closing date for the house, and I can’t wait to get in there and share pictures of our new home! We are hoping to be in around mid-February and right now its  just a waiting game for the bank to give us the go ahead! Lots of exciting things in the works…. I envy those of you in warmer parts of the country! Sometimes here in Michigan, it feels like things shut down for the winter, and we all go into a sort of hibernation.  There aren’t many any brides getting married in the dead of winter and no one really can stand to be outside for more than five minutes at a time so I can’t wait for spring and for photo sessions to resume! Until then… I am appreciating the beauty, and the time to cuddle Bella, and nurse my STILL sore throat (three weeks and counting….ugh).  Here are a few photos I got before I looked and saw that Bella was getting ready to succumb to frost bite…
singing: “dashing through the snow….la la la la laaaa…..I can’t see….”
beautiful blanket of snow
ice & snow

“mom, can you please stop taking pictures and take me inside? I am only 7 pounds and I am freezing….”

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  1. says

    It’s so beautiful!! I never see snow like that, I live in Mississippi! It’s frustrating though for it be so close being cold enough for snow and it’s RAINING, not snowing… RAINING! The worst! I’d love to have just one great experience of a beautiful snow fall!

  2. says

    love your pictures! it is seriously freezing in the mitten, im totally hibernating the rest of the week until we get last weeks weather back lol

  3. says

    Sometimes I wish my city would get more blankets of snow like that…but then I’d probably turn into a poor shivering Bella:-) It’s so beautiful though! xoxo

  4. says

    My husband and I were just talking about how Winters haven’t been very cold in recent years, and apparently mother nature heard our complaint. I cannot believe how bitter cold it is out there! My dogs are driving me crazy indoors because they can’t really spend more than a few minutes outside.

    Stay warm with your sweet little family!

  5. says

    Love the picture with the sun in it! And your sweater as well. Where is that from?

    Also, are you going to post a February printable calendar? I love my January one but my work desk is ready for February already!

  6. says

    SO pretty! It wasn’t quite as gorgeous on the east side, but my husband got a “cold day” off of school. My district, however, did not (shaking fist!).

    I’m like the 15th admirer of that sweater though–clue me in on where it’s from too. :) :)

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