Winter is in full force in Michigan and we have been having a blast celebrating lots of things. I think Bella might have forgotten what snow was because upon the first snow of the season (pictured) we let her out and you would have thought she was on drugs. She ran, she jumped, she flipped, she kicked! It was so funny to see how much fun she was having! 
Back when I first moved to Michigan with my family I hated the snow. I know hate is a really strong word, but I did. I downright hated it. I remember our first winter in Grand Rapids and we all had to buy big poofy winter coats. In Georgia we had no need for anything heavy so we all made a trip to the mall to prepare ourselves for the freezing temperatures.  That was 2005 and I was only one year out of high school and back then Hollister was a pretty popular brand. So of course, that was the first place I decided to look to choose my practical winter coat. You would think I would have some basic common sense about temperature and climate but no, I chose this ridiculous-in-hindsight white puffer jacket with fur inside and fur collar.  I thought I was stylish and cute but I was so, so wrong.  In fact, the jacket didn’t come down much past my waistline so my mid-drift was constantly getting these freezing updrafts and because I chose this clean white color, every time I brushed up against a vehicle, (stained with salt and dirt from the snow), my jacket would sustain another shade of ugly.  I cried so much that first winter that the sleeves of that coat were stained from mascara when I held my hands up to my face to block the numbing blasts of below zero air.  It would be two more years before I invested in a pair of gloves….but OH, how the times have changed. 
I really have found a small place (hey, its still a place!) in my heart for these Michigan winters.  There really is something so peaceful and beautiful about a fresh snowfall.  Winter has always been cathartic for me since we have lived here, its such a visualize representation of the seasons in our lives.  Things have to die to be new in the spring time and I love being able to live in that and see it with my own eyes. 
So this winter, we have been playing and enjoying the snow, the cold and the fun that is to be had here.  We had an amazing Christmas and celebrated my husband’s 30th birthday yesterday.  These photos are some of my favorites from the past few weeks!

full on sprinting

singing at candlelight Christmas Eve Service!

Bella just loved ripping into the wrapping paper

Who cares if your pants come off? It’s Christmas! 
Left: How you think I act  |  Right: How I really act.

this is the most crazed look I have EVER seen
“who me” I’m not shredding the tissue paper….that must be another dog…an invisible dog….”


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    These are the cutest pictures!! I am not suited for snow at all…born in Central American- tropical weather and raised in Southern California- enough said hahaha. But Bella looks like she is having a blast!!

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    Love it! I feel you on the love/hate relationship with snow. We just moved from FL to TN, so I’m halfway excited for snow and halfway not looking forward to it! Happy New Year and I love the new blog/look!

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    Well you make the snow look exciting. Not so exciting when you’re stuck in the road in it for hours upon hours upon hours. Your puppy is the cutest!

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    The pictures are incredible. I admire the talent behind the camera. I too am a photographer, still learning on parts. Your photos are beautiful. Your little fur minion is too cute running around in the snow. My husband is from Grand Rapids, and tells me all about the winters. We lived in NY for a few years, and as pretty as the snow is I prefer a few inches only. Have a great day!

  5. says

    I so want to take my Bella to the snow to see if she reacts the same way your Bella does!

    I love that crazed look in her eyes ripping the tissue!

    I’m also obsessed with that chevron dress, so cute!

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    Ooh I don’t miss the snow. I grew up between Illinois and Dewitt, MI (tiny little town outside of Lansing) I remember school only canceling when there was a foot or more of snow, going out to start and car 30 min before we had to leave and fighting over who got to sit on the heat vent in the morning. I now live in Korea where we just got 6 inches (the most in 30 years!) and everything was shut down. I LIke it this way much better! Happy new year!

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    Ash you are so pretty!! I love you in that chevron. I wish we lived closer but you need to move back to the south homegirl. i can’t handle those winters. i actually stalked kalamazoo plane tix the other day! i want to come visit!!!

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    Y’all are the cutest! I would LOVE to have winters like this!! We get to about 30 degrees in LA and that’s about it. Haha. And a “snowy winter” is sleet on the ground. Haha!!

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      ahh yes, southern “winters”…. I do miss them for some reasons… but I also think that trying to go back to that climate and the roasting hot humid summers might kill me now that I have acclimated to a cooler climate! Hope you are doing well Megan, and Emory as well!

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    I love how you talk about Michigan winters. I miss them and I never even lived there. But every year when we’d visit my grandparents over winter vacation… well, we had PROPER winter. None of this wildness we have in Maryland. It’s just gray and ugly here. But in Michigan, it’s so nice.

    And it’s funny about Holister. Because having Michiganders for parents, we always got the hideous, practical, so not in style outerwear. And all of my friends would have their cute jackets and their poorly knit gloves and I would be soooo jealous. Then I went to college and realized I appreciated my outerwear because the wind didn’t scoot underneath my jacket and my head stayed warm and, oh, somewhere in there it became cool.

    So I totally loved this post. And the pics, too. :)


    • says

      Haha thanks Tina! It’s so funny to look back and remember how jealous we could be and how worried about what other people would think about our outfits! Now, I could care LESS as long as I am warm! And don’t be TOO jealous of Michigan, toward the end of the winter when the snow stops coming the roads will get all dingy and gray and its pretty gross! I have never been to Maryland, I am going to have to look out for some winter photos on your blog!

    • says

      invest in good winter gear, its not so bad outside when you are prepared for it! You just have to decide to enjoy it…I know, that sounds crazy and hard but I did it and now I can enjoy the cold! (sometimes!) :)

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    The photos are wonderful and I am so happy that Michigan winters have found a place in your heart. I live in northern Michigan and just love it. Growing up in Michigan we had much more snow than we have now – you would’ve really hated it then – but in the past couple of years it seems to be coming back, at least up this way. Happy New Year! And your lit’l pup looks like she has BIG place in her heart for our snow! :)

    • says

      Yes, the last few winters have been so mild. It seems like our winter three years back was the last big one…I remember it showing like “2” degrees in my car all day everyday for a few weeks that winter! Where in Northern Michigan do you live?! I LOVE it up north, Traverse City is our favorite, we go every summer! Thanks for reading! :)

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    Loving the new look website, fantastic!
    Oh to be in snow at Xmas time, it has been swelteringly hot over here on the other side of the world we have had a 2 week heatwave in the high 40s. Only thing to be done is go swimming and drink icy cocktails to keep cool! Hope you had a fab new years x

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    Winter looks great on you! And your new design is beautiful. I hate snow. I hate being cold. And those holister jackets…hahaha. Growing up is so much fun sometimes!

  13. says

    “Things have to die to become new again”—-that got me! What an amazing thought that not only applies to winter, but life in general. Love it!

    Bella is giving me puppy fever! As soon as we buy a house, I’ll be ALL OVER that.

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