St. George, Utah

Well this post is slightly overdue.  My husband and I, and a friend (one of his best friends and college buddies) drove over to Utah when we were living in LA to visit more friends (another one of the husband’s bf’s from college and his wife).  After having talked about meeting up somehow for a few months we decided to make it happen and do the drive over.  Somehow we picked a really bad weekend, that one where the lottery jackpot was in the ump-teenth millions and everyone and their mom was driving over to Vegas to buy tickets.  Yeah, that one.  Needless to say, our “short” drive grew several hours longer, took us onto an abandoned desert road but 3 extra hours, 5 Krispy Kreme donuts, and 1 McDonald’s sundae later we made it! Road trips have a way of creating the very best memories don’t they?

After getting a few hours of sleep we were up and ready to go on a hike.  I would have to say it is one of the best hikes I have ever done.  I think we burned about 10,000 calories during our five hours.  We walked, jogged, hunched over and climbed, scaled the sides of mountains and even did a little rock climbing.  If you live in St. George then  you know exactly what I am talking about— Angel’s Landing in Mt. Zion National Park.  If you are near it, and are physically able, I would really recommend this hike.  But be sure to bring lots of water, and snacks for once you reach the top.  You will want to rest and revel in the beauty when you reach the summit. Here are some pictures from our day!

David, bright and early heading out for our hike! 
Alison & I 

serious hikers right here  

oh hey. just gettin’ our hike on…

not offensive to anyone, at all. right? 

we were all REALLY falling off the cliff! Seriously…

very clever, husband.   

 After our hike we were starving and so Jeremy & Alison took us to eat on of those most amazing burritos I have ever eaten.  Let me just say that it had BBQ pulled pork in it.  My mouth is kind of watering just thinking about it because we don’t have one of these restaurants near us, and I have been craving this place ever since we were there.  I think we are just going to have to go back to get some because….holy burrito–those things are delicious.

Cafe Rio on Urbanspoon

After that I got to visit with the lovely Gentri & Courtney (you can read about that HERE) but in case  you forgot, here is a picture from that meeting:

and to finish the night off, we visited Red Rock  (very original name, Utah….) which was windy, but pretty awesome.  Utah is really beautiful, albeit HOT in the summertime.  We loved visiting and can’t wait to go back and see our friends there again soon!  There are SO many cool places to hike and see, and we just got a small taste of it.

so windy!

We loved Utah and will be back, at some point I am sure! Bella, however didn’t love it as much.
“Do not go to Utah.  If you are too little like me, you are not allowed to go on the cool hikes, and eat in the cool restaurants. Instead you have to stay at home by yourself and chew on dumb bones.” -Bella
Eh, you can’t please everyone….

Over & Out,
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  1. says

    I just was in St. George for the first time in May! My friend competed in the Ironman Triathlon so I got to see a lot of the beautiful scenery! I also ate at Cafe Rio! We have one here in AZ as well and it’s a favorite of mine…the pork salad…yum!! Glad you all had a great time!

  2. says

    Very awesome pics lady! :-)
    So I’m new to hiking, but did you have to like squat someplace to use the bathroom? Lol or did they have those randomly? Just wondering

  3. says

    hahaha! It’s Dixie Rock! A little more original. :)

    I’m SO SO glad you had such a great time when you came to visit! I miss you… maybe you should come back… I can bribe you with a free cafe rio meal!

  4. says

    We just recently went camping and had to leave 1 of 2 dogs with the grandparents. She’s just too old to make the trip, and boy was she not happy with us when we went to pick her up!

  5. says

    What beautiful scenery! This just goes to show that I need to travel more. I’ve never been anywhere like that. It looks beautiful. Nothing better than traveling to somewhere that awesome with great friends. Looks like a blast!!!

  6. says

    this looks pretty epic! i wish we had good trails around here, all the hiking is straight uphill! no switchbacks! it’s like an hour of the stair master : (

  7. says

    Utah is beautiful! I love your pictures, especially the one of you guys “falling” off the cliff that one is hilarious! Bella always seems so well behaved! Any puppy training tips? Thanks for sharing I truly enjoy reading your blog and living vicariously through all your adventures :)

  8. says

    Every picture got more and more beautiful! You are so talented, girl!! :) All the hiking pictures are just seriously perfect…. what’s your favorite type of lens to use?

    Glad you guys had a good time– I’d go for a burrito about now! ;)

  9. says

    Oh I just LOVE all your pictures! Utah is STUNNING! From the mountains up north to the red rock down south. I’m a California girl by birth but a Utah girl at heart. So glad you had such a memorable experience in Zion, one of my very favorite places on earth! xoxo Kait

  10. says

    Utah is seriously gorgeous! Ever since my husband and I drove across the state last year, I’ve been wanting to visit the parks and do some hiking. I loved seeing all your photos from your hike. I keep thinking of all the outdoors things we could do if we ever moved to Las Vegas. Aaaaah.

    p.s. Love your husband repping the Mitten State. (: I really need to get one (or many) of their shirts.

  11. says

    I just came across your blog from another blog I follow and it’s so cute! I too am a newlywed Christian woman and interested in health and fitness! I began blogging because we have friends and family all over and it keeps them updated on our life. I am eager to follow your blog and keep up with you!

  12. says

    confession: i have NEVER been hiking! not even anything hiking-ish….but you make it look fun and effortlessly with your hair blowing in the breeze and your jewelry….and if there are massive burritos the size of my head and froyo involved after, i’m in!

    PS – love your foot tatoo. i don’t remember seeing it or what it says, but i like it!

  13. says

    Those pictures are amazing! My brain seriously can’t reconcile the one of you guys hanging off the cliff – it looks to real and makes my head hurt trying to figure it out!

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