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Finally the morning came and it was time to say goodbye to Seattle. We had already seen the sights, and eaten ourselves pregnant (talk about walking around with a food baby for three days…)  We decided to swing by Michaela’s school to say goodbye and have some fun with a prop from one of my engagement sessions.  We found two nerd bomber guys lounged out on the lawn playing dungeons and dragons or something (okay, they were studying…whatever) and convinced them to take lots of pictures of us running around with the balloons.  We asked for  ONE picture and the guys took about twenty— so of course, we just kept posing because, well, we are bloggers and we love pictures.  Unfortunately only one of them was actually IN focus so thats all I have to share with you.  Amateurs. :)
Top: Meadow Boutique, Seattle WA | Jeans: Gap | Flats: Target | Watch: La Mer | Bracelet: Ibyss ,  San Jose CA

We headed into Portland which was only a few hours away, got all checked into our hotel (Hotel Lucia) which by the way was awesome.  The rooms were a tad bit on the small side but it felt so cozy and the bed was SO comfortable.  They had Aveda products in the bathroom, delicious tea samples in the room and the decor was out of this world.  Basically, we loved our hotel.  Immediately after checking in we walked over to a local eatery called Henry’s Tavern to meet up with gorgeous girls Bonnie of Whim Wham Life and Nicole of Running In Heels.   Let me just tell you about these girls.. Bonnie? Well, Bonnie is gorgeous.  Just GORGEOUS, like I just wanted to stare at her and touch her hair.  Girl has an amazing set of locks.  And Nicole? She had killer arms.  Super fit.  But besides them both being beauties, they were also so sweet.  I loved that it worked out that we could meet up with them.  We even got to meet little Josiah and Bonnie’s hubs who watched the little peanut while she got to have girl time with us.  They are such a cute family, I officially love them more than I did before!  Thanks girls for hanging out with us!

After dinner Michaela and I decided to do some exploring on our own.  We had heard about a little “speak easy” called Huber’s. We heard a little rumor that the bartenders spanish coffee preparation was quite the show so we ventured out, found it, and convinced the bartender to make on in front of us so that I could snap pictures.  I have to say, it was pretty impressive and the place had a really cool vibe.  I felt like we had stepped back in time a bit, but then again, I feel like Portland in general is a little blast from the past.  I seriously felt like we were in the 1940’s or something.  Navy men (sea men…. har har) were walking around everywhere, speak-easy’s populate the city and the vibe is just from another time. I loved it, it definitely felt like an adventure!  Of course, we had to stop by the famed Voodoo donuts too.  Some of the donuts wer crazy… and inappropriate…  if you are ever in Portland be sure to stop by!

Huber's on Urbanspoon
Voodoo Doughnut on Urbanspoon

The next morning we were up and back on the road again to California!  We stopped by Lake Shasta and had lunch at Tale O’ The Whale and almost died from the 98 degree temperature.  We splashed around in the lake a bit before taking back off…

You probably think our story ends here…. we did a road trip, snapped some pictures, had a blast, etc, etc… but no.  Little did we know when we were pulling out from Lake Shasta that we still had a LONG ways to go before we got home that day.  I think the video below explains it all, so take a look. In the end, it was great… no road trip story is complete with a little disaster, right?  We made some memories for sure, and I made a new life long friend in Michaela!

Over & Out,

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  1. says

    You girls are both amazing and so sweet yourselves :) So glad I was able to meet you while you were in town. And I LOVED the video you two made – hilarious!

  2. says

    You two are adorbale…looks like SO much fun!! I loved your video…road trip with girlfriends is the BEST! Also, that 1st pic of you in this post…my FAV of you ever, so pretty!

  3. says

    soooooooo i just watched the video on mute at work. and um yall are the cutest!! i felt super creepy because i was sitting here, watching it and smiling :) that sounds weird. but it just made me happy to see yall together! wish i could have joined. lvoed the pictures as always and ash you make me giggggle sometimes “wo nerd bomber guys lounged out on the lawn playing dungeons and dragons or something” hahaha xo!

  4. says

    I’m dying to see the video but it’ll have to wait til I’m at home :( You two are so cute! Can’t believe you got the boys to take pics of y’all with balloons – what fun!

  5. says

    oh you girls are crrrrrazy! LOVE it! so wish we could’ve spent more time together. Next time for sure. Cause there is totally gonna be a next time! xoxo

  6. says

    I LOVED this video, makes me wanna take a road trip with you two as well since I live in Ptown, I could tag along! :) Portland isn’t as stinky skunks as you think but the highway is not a good reflection of that! Sorry you got a flat but overall looked like a blast… I wanna meet you two in real life so bad now, you are both so fun and very entertaining! i laughed and smiled so much!

  7. says

    What a fun getaway for you! I am so glad you were able to explore other areas of the west coast while you are out here. The donuts look unreal. As always the pictures are amazing.

  8. says

    ok i first have to comment on that pic right above you and michaela with your arms up (which is adorable btw) but the town with that GIANT LOOMING MOUNTAIN. That is absolutely gorgeous!!

    those doughnuts…MMM…esp the one covered in sprinles! gimme!

    i love all those pics with the baloons you guys are such a cute little friendship. Makes me so happy to see!

    ANNNDD Bon Bon!! I am dying to meet that girl and her bebe!

    so much fun. I need to get my booty to the west coast STAT


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