Places To Eat in St. George Utah [Krave]

But  more importantly, a BLATE! A few weekends ago we headed to St. George to meet up with one of the husband’s closest college buddies.  I was extra thrilled because Gentri of Gentri Lee is living there for school right now and I got to plan a mini-blate with her!  And to double the fun, sweet Courtney of From Here to Eternity. If you don’t know these girls you should.  They are absolutely exactly the same in real life as they come across on their blog, and we all know that is not always the case.  It was a short visit but I loved every minute of it and just wish we would have been in town a little longer so I could properly hang out with these girls.  It’s okay though, I am already harassing Gentri into coming to California to visit me!

courtney, the frozen yogurt model-goddess ;) 

Yes, I added sprinkles to my fruit topped yogurt.

Like I said, it went by way to quickly as we were at the mercy of our friends driving us around, but hey, at least I got to meet these girls!  Lucky  me, right?  Oh yes, and Bella got to come and eat some yogurt as well.  She kind of loves yogurt (but who am I  kidding? She wille eat anything that you put in her mouth).

As for Krave, it was a cute little shop that allows you to pick out your flavors and then add as many toppings as you want, and boy did they deliver in the “topping” department! They had so many options, we were loving it!  We give Krave an 8/10!

Krave on Urbanspoon
Over & Out, 
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  1. says

    What a darling place and what a priceless photo that last one! I have yet to go on a date but all you cool ladies live so far from Chicago :(
    You ladies look gorgeous!

  2. says


    I read about this earlier on Gentri’s blog…I was like HEY!! I “know” them!!

    …when in actuality…I only “know” you from what you’ve chosen to share.


  3. says

    Ah! You are so so CUTE! That’s the first time I’ve been called a goddess and I must admit… I kind of love it! I’m going to create a list of pet names that my husband is allowed to call me and ‘goddess’ will be at the very top! HA HA!
    So glad I was in town so that I could crash the blate :) LOVED meeting you!

  4. says

    My husband likes self serve yogurt places, but somehow, I have yet to go to one.

    BTW, sprinkles make everything better. Who says they don’t go with fruit?

  5. says

    this is soooo amazing all these blates you’re going on!! :-) JEALOUS!!

    look at bella in that first pic smiling up a storm hahah!

    cant wait to follow your NOCAL adventure and live vicariously through you


  6. says

    LOVE frozen yogurt.. that looks delicious :) and how awesome that you got to meet those 2! Maybe one day I can meet some of my blogger friends!

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