San Francisco, Around Town…

So after Fisherman’s Wharf we headed over to Alamo Park because I really wanted to see the place they filmed the opening shot of Full House.  It’s a place called postcard row and it still looks the same as when they filmed it so many years ago! Too bad I was completely soaked or we would have done a fake picnic picture JUST like the Tanners!

After some research I learned that postcard row isn’t the home that Full House actually depicted as the Tanner’s home….. the home below is.  Maybe you remember it from a few shots in the show.  If you are ever in the area the address is 1209 Burdick St. :)

After that we headed back to our hotel room and literally sat there for a few hours until dinnertime.  (Stupid rain!)  We had to leave Bella in the hotel for dinner and she was so sad….I hate leaving her!

poor little peanut.

 We headed out into the dreary evening and I started snapping away, just hoping to get some good shots.  What I mostly got were rainy, steamy pictures of the city.  I really like them though, and I think most of the locals will agree this is a true representation of the city.  I am sure it is beautiful when it is sunny and dry but the rain with the ocean and city lights made it really romantic and cozy in my opinion.  Here are some shots (some of these I just stuck the camera out of the car window and snapped away!)

alcatraz in the background…

cable car lines

Finally we made it across town to the “Nob Hill” area and headed to dinner at Skool, a hipster joint.
Thanks to Jane who made the suggestion for dinner here!

We were greeted immediately upon walking in the door and were seated in a communal area.  Basically our seats were at a high wooden table that could fit about 10 people.  There was a group at the other end from us and we actually really liked sitting here because we got lots of room and could see everything going on in the restaurant.  Our menus were brought out and we thought they were so cool.  The were on wooden clipboards with pencils. We really loved the theme and low-key “cool” vibe in this place.

House Sangria was just okay, I probably wouldn’t order it again.  But it WAS very strong. 

For our first course we ordered the Fried Baby Eyrngii (fried  mushrooms) with miso aioli dipping sauce.
They were the

For our second course we got halibut sashimi with cucumber, vinegar and spices.  I didn’t get a picture of this one because we ate it so fast.  I can’t even begin to explain how amazing this dish was.

The main course was a crab risotto with a snapper on top.  Holy cow.  This rocked my world. Seriously, the food here was more than I could handle. The fish wasn’t too fishy and the risotto was creamy to perfection with massive crab chunks.  We were in heaven.

Finally, we ended the night with a Panna Cotta which we got for F R E E for checking in on yelp.  I am seriously loving yelp because of the freebies for checking in.  I have to be honest, I had no idea what panna cotta was and when it came I was a little hesitant….  but we dug right in and I don’t even have the words to describe the combo of the coconut cookie, fresh strawberry, mint and panna cotta.  I could have died right there and I would be a happy girl.  My husband felt the same way….we just kept eating, grinning and pointing at this dessert like “OH YEAH!” We are dorks.

If you are in San Fran and want to splurge a little for dinner I highly recommend Skool.  Ramsey was out server and he was awesome, food was served quickly, atmosphere is great and quality and taste is out of this world.

Skool on Urbanspoon

After leaving dinner we drove around the city a little more and saw the Bay Bridge in the rainy night. It was beautiful….

Out next stop was Beuna Vista.  My husband had found and read that the Buena Vista was the first Irish Coffee Bar in the country and its pretty famous because of it.  We decided to head that way and get an irish coffee to finish our night.

The Buena Vista is fun and busy… there were people from 21 to 85.  Seriously, look at the picture below…we really wanted to sit with the senior saints.  Anyone that age at a bar past 10pm has GOT to be fun!  We waiting our turn and got some spots at the bar.  The bartenders were making irish coffees faster than I could keep up. They would line up 10 cups or so and they had a whole system…hot water, rinse, sugar cube, coffee, stir, HUGE pour of whiskey.  My huge, I mean huge…that coffee has one heckuva kick!

We ordered two coffees and our bill came for $15— I thought that was crazy but once we tasted the coffees we would have to say they were definitely worth the price.  They burned a little going down but warmed  us right up.  I would definitely pay this little  place a visit if you are in the area.  Apparently they also serve a mean corned beef hash!

The Buena Vista on Urbanspoon
And here are a few more shots from around the city!

mom, please don’t leave me in the car!  I want to come inside too!  (doesn’t it break your heart?!)

Hopefully later today I can get up Chinatown, Golden Gate Park and Golden Gate Bridge pictures!
Trying to get through all these photos so we can get ready for Friday’s Letters Link Up!
Over & Out,
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  1. says

    There are about 30 pictures in this post that I’d buy from you!!! You are an INCREDIBLE photographer. Looks like you had a great time!

  2. says

    this looks wonderful and amazing! and the full house house – ahhh!!! it looks smaller than i remember it ever seeming.

    and your pup is adorable.

    <3 katherine

  3. says

    Awww, poor Bella! :) Love all of the pictures! Beautiful!! Since I started following you, it’s like I have been traveling through you, ha! I love it!!

  4. says

    Do you really think of SF as a rainy city? I’ve only been here a year but those last few days of rain that we had that you got stuck in were quite unusual for SF, at least in the last year. I’m from Oregon so I’m used to a good bit of rain and SF doesn’t even come close to what I consider a rainy city ;-)

  5. says

    oh beuna vista looks so so awesome, almost like you’d run into a celebrity from the 60’s there. there were a few places we wanted to hit but we had my daughter with so that made it not happen, but that’s OK!

    Did you make it to the Mission District? WE all three LOVED that area so so much!

    Your pictures, again are so similar to mine with the rain, …… was a pain, but we made the best of it, so did you guys. Aww, yes, it melts and breaks my heart seeing bella longing for you as you leave the car, oh!!!

    Awesome awesome pics!

  6. says

    I am DYYYYING over your pictures. Like I want to purchase a few??!! Do you even do this? As a SFresident they are a gorgeous representation of our city on a rainy foggy day.. although I DO have to agree with Jessica it really isn’t very rainy as people think HA! Unfortunately you got caught in a wet weekend which even for us locals is relatively rare. I hate that you were stuck in the rain b/c it is such a usually sunny place but so happy to see it didn’t stop you guys from doing so many fun things!! LOVE these posts!! xo

  7. says

    Your pictures are absolutely amazing lady!! I am completely jealous of your skills!! Looks like you guys are having a great time. And I agree, the rain gave you some fantastic pictures :)

  8. says

    Man! Your pictures are spectacular! My boyfriend and I went to San Fran in October. All the locals raved about how we lucked out with all sunshine. As much as I loved it, I am a slight bit jealous of your pictures – looks like you got the experience the city in it’s true form! :) Thanks for sharing!

  9. says

    I went to SF back in January, and I went to the Buena Vista too! I got a hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps, SO good! I agree that it was pricy, but definitely worth it as a fun tourist treat.

  10. says

    You got some really good shots. I especially love the ones where the lights are reflecting off the wet streets. The one on the bridge with the lightbulbs, and the train car with alcatraz in the background are my favorites.

    Hope to make it to San Fran someday, and excited that someone else put the Full House row on their tourist list as well :)

  11. says

    those pictures are a PERFECT representation of San Fran! Not to mention they are gorgeous! Looks like you had a great time. I grew up all over the west coast so I love seeing people enjoying all it has to offer!

  12. says

    Gorgeous photos; I thoroughly enjoyed looking at all of them.
    San Fran is still on my list of places to go. My hubs really enjoys it there, so hopefully we can go one day soon!

  13. says

    These photos are all gorgeous! I especially love the evening ones out in the rain…and the daytime ones out in the rain too haha. I think I’ll definitely have to check out Skool and Buena Vista whenever I go to San Francisco. They both sound like great places. And Bella is so cute! She looks so sad in the pictures where you have to leave her! Love all your photos and can’t wait for you to post more! Especially of Golden Gate Park. I know the last time I was there I took a million pictures of the place and the bridge because I just couldn’t get enough haha.

  14. says

    ASH! these pictures are amazing. Whatever kind of lens/filter/camera you’re using or psshhh natural talent (duh) is incredible!!

    LOVE the full house pics. i’m obsessed with that show.

    and Baby B’s sweater is so presh! Dying over that pic of her looking out the window…and the one in your other post sitting on top of the pole in front of the San Fran bridge…melts my heart!

  15. says

    What a wonderful trip! So many beautiful images, and all that food talk…yummmmmmm.

    Have fun with your last week in California! I’ll be praying for where you end up next!

  16. says

    so question… did i see you in the audience of the doctors show today? i swear it was you and your hubs…

    such amazing photos!!

  17. says

    Poor little Bella boo!! I hate leaving my pups at home always. I don’t know how I’m going to have kids. Haha. I want to visit there someday. It’s stunning!

  18. says

    These pictures are ah-maz-ing! Being a Bay area resident, I loved this post and seeing where you went! I love Buena Vista! The Irish Coffees are so so yummy!

  19. says

    HOLY CRAP! You are amazing with that camera. If I didn’t mind carrying around a super expensive, and rather large camera, I would would definitely consult you for some picture taking advice.

    I can count at least 15 pictures that I believe should be cataloged. Seriously.

    Lucky you, you get to move up there and take more amazing photos!

  20. says

    Gahhh you always have the prettiest pictures! Even with all the rain San Fran looks beautiful.

    And I love Bella! Gosh she is adorable.

  21. says

    holy crapola. FULL HOUSE! did you see uncle jesse?

    bellas little sweater. omgosh so cute

    that picture of the trolley with alcatraz is so cool yet so creepy…especially because you can just see teh fogginess of the prison looming in the background. EEP!

    that black and white pic of the bridge with the clouds/rain is GORGEOUS! i just love your photos

    BEEEAUTIFUL ASHLEY! i wanna come on your adventures!

  22. says

    Oh goodness! I want to go to San Francisco soooo badly!!! Definitely on my list when I make it out west!

    Thanks for sharing such great pictures! I greatly enjoyed them : )

  23. says

    Wow those are some AMAZING photos! I just started blogging about our honeymoon in SF – we stayed in Alamo Square and we loved it.

    That tres leches panda cotta looks so good. I’m a huge fan of tres leches cake and I bet that is so delish!

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